Environmental policy

We are dedicated to preserving the environment and to minimizing our impact on the planet. We are committed to integrating environmental responsibility into all aspects of our business operations.

Environmental assessment and goal setting

We will conduct a thorough environmental assessment to identify our environmental impact and potential environmental risks. Based on this assessment, we will work continuously to improve. We will also encourage our suppliers and customers to do the same.

Green production and innovation

We encourage our suppliers to develop environmentally responsible technologies and methods. By focusing on and using green technologies, we will reduce our energy consumption, our CO2 emissions and our amount of waste produced.

Waste minimization and recycling

We prioritize waste minimization and promote recycling. By implementing effective waste management practices and recycling initiatives, we will reduce our environmental footprint and promote circular economy.

Compliance with environmental legislation

We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation, standards, and regulations relevant to our industry and operations. We ensure that our activities are in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

Education and awareness

We educate our staff on environmental issues and create a culture of awareness and responsibility. Through education and information, we strengthen our staff’s commitment to our environmental goals and contribute to a greener future.

Cooperation with stakeholders

We work with our suppliers, customers, and the community to promote environmental best practice. By building strong partnerships, we create a positive environmental impact that extends beyond our own business.

Monitoring and reporting

We regularly monitor our environmental performance and will continually work on it.

Continuous improvement

We strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance through the adoption of best practices and the use of new sustainable technologies. We will regularly review and update our environmental policy according to the latest environmental challenges.

By acting in accordance with this environmental policy, we commit to being a responsible company and to contributing to a sustainable future for our society and environment.

Approved by the management of Strenov Produkter ApS

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